Now that 2016 has come to a close and things have slowed down a little. It’s time to reset and charge up for an amazing 2017.  We want to start off by saying whole heartily that we are extremely grateful for your kindness and generosity.  From the AMEX gifts, to the spray painted sunrise photos to the personalized photo books  to the polaroid photos with hand scripted quotes on the back ; we are Thankful.  We know it took a lot of time and dedication to put it all together. #Paulleak plans on using the money to backpack his way through Europe and camp out in a cozy North Face tent. Coach John plans on going to Hawaii with his beautiful wife for 10 whole days and will promise to post photos on his instagram the whole time.  Jeanie is going to buy herself a fresh new fanny pack with a top of the line speaker so she can scoot around gracie mansion with the sweetest tunes bursting out of her hips. So again Tribe we are all extremely Thankful and November Project would not be what it is today if you all did not decide one day to simply #justshowup.





Now for 2017 we wanted to kick off the year with us three co-leaders sharing our goals with you.  If you don’t have an accountability-buddy. What are you waiting for?  This time is right now reach out and share you goals with that person who is going to hold you accountable and call you at 5:00AM to get your butt our bed to come to workouts or whatever it is you need for motivation.  Start off by using the template below and cater it to your ability and where you stand currently and use your goals based on recent race data and make your goals hard but attainable then you can set new ones and crush through them:).  We are sharing our goals with all of you because the Tribe is our accountably buddies.



Coach John’s Goals 2017


General Fitness: I need to get in the weight room and take more non-running classes.  I also need to pay way more attention to my diet. I need to lose the Dad Bod before I’m a dad.

PR Day: Break 20 mins

Paris Marathon: Sub 3:00 

Chicago Marathon: Sub 2:50


#Paulleaks Goals 2017


In general this year I want to stay healthy for the entire year (READ: repeat 2015).  Last year I over trained during the first three months of the year.  I got ahead of myself, did listen to my body or cared to think that maybe I was going to hard, to fast, too soon.  And I paid for it.  This year is about a progression of goals.  Three Marathons, One Goal. Maybe some other goals, races, whatever will come throughout the year, but for now thats good.

PR Day: Beat Myles every month.  Time is irrelevant. Draft, drugs, whatever it takes.    Just. Beat. Myles.

Chicago Marathon: 2:45


Bodies by Jeanie 


Continue to focus on healthy racing , listening to my body to prevent injuries and include more yoga 

PR Day: 23:59 

5K: 20:00

10K: 42:50

Half Marathon: 1:35

Bear Mountain Relay leg: 52:00

Boston Marathon : 3:30

Goals and Gratitude
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