In true NP fashion, the bat signal for the tribe members to attend GMA was answered swiftly and in massive numbers. Which is both great as we know that the tribe is willing to do anything on the drop of a dime, and not so great, as it has scared our friends at GMA who have access to a limited space in the Times Square to produce their daily show. So we need to scale down. By a lot. What’s a lot? 30. 30 thousand? No, 30 people. Total. If you want a chance to be one of these 30, please read the following CAREFULLY.

  • You need to be there at 5:30am and you should plan on staying there until 9am. No in-and-out. No exceptions.
  • There will be a designated place to leave your belongings.
  • There will no cohesive NP workout at the Times Square. This will be a staged adventure that will require you to be on when the cameras are rolling, and chill out when they’re not.
  • Must wear your #grassrootsgear.
  • If you RSVP but bail, we’ll be really disappointed, and we will be posting your “We Missed You” post until the end of the internet.

If this is something that you’re interested in, the link to RSVP page will go live on Friday at noon and will be posted through November Project twitter. It will be on first come first serve basis so if you visit the link at 12:02PM you may be too late.

Scenario: You didn’t get a chance to get your spot during the shoot but want to still be a part of the GMA scene. Come to the Times Square at 7:30am and be the part of the morning audience. The more #grassrootsgear we have in the crowd, the better.

Scenario: You don’t care about GMA and just want to get your workout in with the NP_NYC squad. Wednesday, June 8, will be business as usual at Gracie Mansion lead by the babysitters as the Coach and #Paulleak will be hyping crowds at the GMA studio. Two workout slots will allow you to bounce and throw down a hard workout at 5:28AM and 6:28AM. Feeling like doing double shift? Who are we to say no!

If after the workout you still want to make your way to the Times Square, we’ll give you a massive hug!

Details for Chicago are here.
Details for DC – coming soon.

GMA IN NEW YORK – Important Update
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One thought on “GMA IN NEW YORK – Important Update

  • June 4, 2016 at 12:06 pm

    Any more about the DC tribe meet for the Morning Show? 

    If it is like NYC – I can be there and stay til 9 am ish? 
    Hoping to join you Monday morning to finally get tagged!!!
    May have some dogs with me, since all I can do is walk. 🙁   Susan Flashman ( Yes, Elin’s Aunt. 


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