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All the stars came out this morning. There was Ric Flair and Jessie Meranda and Ric Flair. All of them. All there to support the Big Ten Tournament … in Washington, DC. It’s always about DC; always.


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SUICIDES! A little something new cooked up by Jason Shaw, who oddly I don’t see in any of these pics from this morning.

Up and touch the gold door, then back to the N platform for 10 of each: triceps dips, incline or decline push-ups, bicycles, and leg lifts.

Back up the stairs for an up-n-around, and back down for 15 of each of those same four exercises.

Back up gain for a full up-n-over, and back down for 20 of each.

Repeat until the whistle…which, this month, doesn’t mark the end of the workout but instead marks the beginning of a wonderful group ass-kicking! Today’s plat du jour was Sally, very fitting for Int’l Women’s Day AND Jessie Day (which coincide every four years using the lunar calendar).


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Bobby auditioning to replace those incredibly handsome Indy lululemon models

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Shad submitting to Sally’s will


  • Friday’s workout will be at the obelisk (<– big self props for correct spelling on 1st try). It’s the point guy across the street from the War Memorial
  • St. Paddy’s theme next Wed! Green it up.
  • Thanks for the pics, Jaden Brown! …”because you f**king rock!”
  • 4/22. Mark that date in your calendar. We’re having our “No Coast Summit” up in Milwaukee with all the Midwest tribes. Should be an absolutely wonderful time! For those interested, come talk to Shaw or me at any time. It’ll be a Saturday all day event filled with friend-making, exercise-exercising, and booze-boozing. Tough to beat that, especially in a place whose name means, according to some, “flowing water”, and according to others (namely Wikipedia, b/c I’m paid to fact check…and yes the courts recommend using Wikipedia for everything), “good, beautiful, or pleasant land/gathering place by the water”. We can debate all of this on the drive up; it’ll be really great.
  • Would the woman with the 3-minute faster PR please come claim her prize. We’re holding it at the NP_Indy front desk, right next to the lost and found. It’s easy to find.


Have a great week!


Gimme Two Sallies and a Ric Flair; WOO!!! (IND)
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