This AM we had a workout (read more below)


TONIGHT we will Get Lit. Meet us at 6:25PM @ lululemon Fishtown for a 2-3 mile run while spreading the holiday cheer. Ability to carry a tune not required. Happy Hour specials to follow at Frankfort Hall. All details can be found:


This morning: It was cold – we didn’t feel it running stairs and hugging extra tight. It was wet – how many times did you step in the puddle? 4x for me. And you ALL still showed up!

The workout – KISS (keep it simple stupid) We ran stairs, burpees at the bottom and pushups at the top starting at 10 and making our way down to 1. Post workout  BURNOUT – 2 rounds of burnouts the first one featured squats while holding hands with your neighbor and the 2nd an all out sprint to the top of the stairs and back.


FRIDAY – 6:25am Race Street Pier.

Get Lit (PHL)
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