Well, it was bound to happen. You’ve been doing this for over three years, and of all the excuses, I suppose a birthday party is a decent excuse.

Wait, but is it?


Sunday started off pretty strong, and maybe it was the 11 miles up 3700 ft on a mountain that did you in. Except most of the rest of us showed up.

It started to rain on your party parade, and maybe that dampened your spirit. Except most of the rest of us showed up.

And you filled our hearts with hope when you made the promise, “We’re ALL going to NP tomorrow morning!” – speaking on behalf of you and your friends at your birthday party.

I was filled with excitement – to think that you pledged to start your ACTUAL birthday with the rest of us at November Project – San Diego. And to our excitement, the tribe rolled in, and 70+ of your best friends showed up. But it wasn’t until somewhere in between the second and third races, right after we awarded the last bouquet of weeds and began our bobsled relay race, that we noticed there was a loud, beautiful ginger missing amongst us.

… Which the tribe confirmed upon inquiring whether or not you were amongst the crowd. “NO!” they ejaculated at once.

It was humbling, knowing that another birthday would go unrecognized. Another birthday unschwung.

When was the turning point? Maybe it was between your second beer and first wine? Maybe it started with the greyhounds at 2 PM pregaming your 3 PM party. By cake time, you were still wearing your party pants, but you didn’t seem very drunk…NPSD

You know? Now that I recall, I should have expected this upon your 8:30 PM arrival home when you strolled in dancing, declaring, “So we went to waterfront, and all took shots, and had another beer, yeah. Yeah. Yeah (thrusting your hips side to side)!!!”


Maybe it was me. I wish we could’ve talked about it when I got home this morning… But you were gone. At least you made it to your #paidfitness class.


This morning wasn’t that fun anyway.


We missed you, Jenna Van Cleve.


P.S., We’re out of toilet paper. I’ll see you later at home.

P.P.S., Facebook just reminded me that this happened 2 years ago on your 30th. Another one this morning would’ve been pretty cool too, I think.


Full Hearts, Empty Promises.
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One thought on “Full Hearts, Empty Promises.

  • March 6, 2017 at 10:06 pm

    Nice Eugene!

    Jenna, we missed your enthusiasm….Eugene had to go into overdrive.


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