Hi Team !!! It is almost March. Shorts are actually a reality not just #teamshorts (which scares me slightly as much as I enjoy it). We are starting to see each other as more then just silhouettes. My photos are starting to actually look like faces instead of blurs. And race season is upon us !


It is a fun time to check in and see where you are in your goals. Whether it is training for a race, deciding to sign up for a race, crossfit competition, trying something new. Monica par example I know is rocking her training, ask to see her blog! Running journals, workout calendars, blogs are a create way to track your progress. See how consistent you have been, what things have worked for you (cup of tea before NP, hold the latte, gummy bears for breakfast, gummy bears not for breakfast). A place you can celebrate even the small victories! And tell us about it! Sam and I love to know what your goals are so we can get the work outs more accustom to your needs! More running, less running, more glutes, more abs. There will always be burpees. Also we love celebrating your small and big victories as well !! Even if getting up for NP on a Wednesday morning is a victory we will for sure celebrate that every Wednesday, we are here for you with plenty of hugs and fuck yahs !!



PR day on Wednesday, PR social on Thursday!!

Fog-Leg Burner-Apocalypse
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