(Take a second to check out those authentic, #notfake smiles…)

You fine lads and ladies get your asses to November Project.  You get faster, shit doesn’t get easier and your tush thanks you every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  You soak up the #HYPE, the positive vibes and then go about the rest of your day with an extra pep in your step.  You’re building community, your life is that much better because of it and this tribe is strong AF.  That’s all fucking FANTASTIC!

EmC2 has been talking a lot about recruiting.  Keeping Boston growing, at the forefront of this #freefitness world takeover.  We’ve HYPED it to you and to the rest of the tribe.  Probably too much. Well it’s time we step up our recruiting game.  We’re seeing more and more hibernating bears emerging as the temps start to tease us and have their yearly panic attacks.  The question is, How many new members can we recruit?  What’s the perfect size? When’s this thing TOO big? Is there such a thing as too small?!*  No one has these answers.  We’re just gunna do what we always do– run with our gut, get over the top excited when it works out and let the corporate email handle all of our fuck-ups. What we do know, is that we feel strongly that this shit is good and know it only gets better with more people. We train harder, run faster, and have more fun when the crowd gets huge. Not to mention, everyone deserves to start their day off with this same energy and fire that we look forward to every other day.

But the same recruiting pitch is getting old! Right?!

BOOM.  Well if that’s what you’re thinking, we’ve got some new, fresh tactics (and hashtags) for you.

I call this one, #flircruiting.  Looks like flirting and recruiting got tossed around by an egg beater, thrown into a food processor, sifted into a mason jar?!  Exactly.  I was out this weekend with some old friends and started getting lit up about this NP shit.  The couple next to us leans over and said “Oh, I’ve heard of THE November Project!”.  Well there’s the open invite for this bouncy ball to crash their date and hype their ears off.  I’ll refrain from names, but as the dude gets up to use the pissah, his date turns and goes “Such a boring first date, I wanna hear more about the November Project”. Whooooops.  There was my cue to drop “#justshowup”, pass a recruiting paper and then bouncy ball myself the fuck out.

This got me thinking though.  Anyone who describes November Project usually has a special fire in their eye, a loud screeching tone in their voice and a whole lotta hand motioning, bouncing and a lack of blinking.  That’s attractive to anyone and everyone!  So we’re making it a thing. #flircruiting.  When you’re out around town, recruit the way you would flirt.  We’re all clearly head-over-heals for this movement so let that shit shine!

For those of you who are looking for a new means to recruit, or have that someone that’s caught your eye and want to get them to NP, then #flircruiting is right up your alley. Make NP a talking point on a date, or maybe even a LOCATION for your first date??

Once you close the deal, find Emily, Payne & I when you get to the workout and introduce us to your #flircruit. We’ll give them a Yay or Nay***(for your personal relationship), hug them and get them jazzed about what they’ve just built by simply showing up.

WARNING: Nothing in this study was proven or backed. Do not use if you’re in a rock solid relationship or on any of your close friends.  Please report all bad reactions and hilarious side affects to me personally.  Attempt at your own risk.



The ONLINE parking SYSTEM at Harvard is going to change in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned for a separate blog post about it.  THANKS FOR BEING AWESOME CITIZENS AND RESPECTING THE PARKING SITUATION (paying meters or getting monthly passes).

See you and your #flircruit(s)** Friday for #PRDAY.  6:29am. Top O’ Summit Ave.

Bow-Chicka-Wow Wow.




*Facepalm.  You guys are sick. Climb your ass out of the gutter.


#Flircruiting and Other Important Shit.
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