The biggest change I’ve noticed in myself since joining NP is the voice within my head when I work out. I used to force myself to run and do body weight exercises, but my brain was constantly telling me I was tired, I should slow down, working out sucked, this wasn’t worth it. But when you’re surrounded with people telling you that you’re strong, fast, and tenacious, and you know you’re going to end your workout by running through a baller cheer tunnel, you associate working out with joy and pride and confidence.


There’s an interview from the documentary Showing Up that has really stuck with me months later. Jesse Ledin from NP_BOS describes on how his first day at NP a number of people told him, “You can do it! Good job!”

“I’m like, this is unbelievable,” Jesse says. “This has never happened to me…I’ve never had someone tell me I can do something. I’ve only had people tell me I can’t do something.”

That is what the magic of November Project is all about. That is why we say, “Do good, LA,” because we’ve all been given this incredible gift of an empowering community and it’s our duty to pay it forward. Which is why I’m really going to push people to follow through on February’s homework of passing on the positivity. Throw out those high 5s, thumbs ups, and encouraging words during every run or workout class!

Why do you think we all love John Grier so much?! The guy is so full of positivity it’s practically exploding out of his eyeballs! Last spring a bunch of us ran the Zion Half Marathon together. In the first couple miles, we saw a runner on the side of the road who had apparently collapsed and was being cared for by paramedics. It had a somber effect on all of us. John had started the race a little late after running back for his water bottle and therefore wasn’t with us for those first few miles. He passed the runner and the paramedics and decided he was going to use his health and energy to run the best race he could while cheering on as many people as possible. Post-race when we were all huddled together, a bunch of runners came up to thank John and to tell him that his cheering changed the whole mood of the race. I felt so damn proud just to be associated with him.


This morning we shared the park with another fitness group and it worked great because we cheered each other on and encouraged each other to push harder. We got sweaty with the sloths, rolled on the ground with mammoths, fought each other gallantly like saber-toothed tigers, and pounded out push ups that got us real intimate with the short-faced bear. Now take that ferocity you summoned up this morning and go do good, LA.


Big sweaty hugs and kisses to all of you!!!!


  • Every Wednesday in February we will be at UCLA’s Drake Stadium. 5:27 and/or 6:27. Be there. That’s an order.
Fierce, Fast, and Ferociously Positive (LAX)
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