Today we held recess elementary school style! We learned our ABC’s in an open field and crushed a workout during playtime. Before we began though we held a brief class review consisting of burpee freeze tag.


Today’s lesson plan was built around spelling. You picked a word out of our class bucket and spelled it out through exercise until you spelled the full word and moved on to the next. Naturally we included some NP Vocabulary. Bounce, Sebastians, positivity, verbal, and you know I had to throw supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in there. Oh and lots of words with the letter Q because that meant that you had to recruit friends to help you complete 100 burpees. Everyone was loving plank-jack donkey kicks and bananamans. The energy in that field today was infectious, and the silly factor was through the roof. By the way Donkey Kong let me know that he feels comfortable retiring today after seeing all of the impressions of him today.


On a serious note though, I love that even when we bring the silly you guys still show up ready to crush a workout. Yes we had fun today, but your usual intensity wasn’t sacrificed. Groups of 10 formed instantly whenever someone got a Q, and I love how much this tribe supports one another.
Do Great LA!


  • WEDNESDAYS IN MARCH – Grand Park, Downtown LA
  • MARCH HOMEWORK – Bring back the written verbal! Text a friend, facebook message them, e-mail, whatever just put the verbal in writing!
  • FRIDAY – We are meeting at Pan Pacific Park. Location is in the tracker. REMEMBER WE HAVE 5:30 AND 6:30 Friday workouts now!
    • March 19th, mile 19!
    • Sign up here.
      • Team name: November Project LAX
      • Password: dogoodLA
Field Day! (LAX)
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