What up Calgary?

(not)Tammara here. What a morning! The people, the tribe, the love, the vibe, the view, the bounce, the hugs, the energy. Those memorial drive stairs were something else today, hey? It’s crazy how it’s so dark there. Hopefully the piercing sound of my motivational screams made it easier for you. I like to think of my voice as a soundtrack, or a concerto that accompanies the sight of the Calgary skyline. I might be off-key most of the time, but then again, music is art, and all art is beautiful. And if you don’t agree, do you even art, bro? Speaking of beautiful, instead of talking about my own beauty for a change, let’s talk about how beautiful you all were today. Not only do you all look amazing so early in the morning, but most of you even brushed your teeth too! But seriously, I think you are all amazing people who showed up today. The fact that we are all there supporting each other and working together to try new things is so inspiring. Every week, we have the opportunity to crush new goals, whether that means going up one more step, or simply making it to the workout. And the best part of it all is that you have the people around you to help you get there. They might sing words of encouragement, or they might not. Or they might raise their hand for a high five. But just having more people around you makes you want to work harder. What I’m trying to say, is that the people of the tribe is what makes November Project what it is. And you are all, whether you realize it or not, inspiring and motivating the people around you.

This weekend, I’m heading to the Grizzly Ultra in Canmore. I’ve probably told you about this, as well as my fight, my spin class, my boxing class, my barre class, my hiit class, my trx class, my pilates class, my joga class, my prancercise class, my run club, my ocr class, and my ultra race in December. If I haven’t told you already, pay attention to my instagram feed (@tamfran123) as I’ll be sure to post photos of myself and write in the comments that I’m doing these things. Oh, and I’ll be sure to add a ridiculous number of hashtags to the comments so that the entire world can also see. Sometimes, the hashtags are like my written concerto to pictures of myself. Anyway, what I want to say, is that I’m heading up to Canmore this weekend and will be surrounded by tribe members from November Project Canada. As much as I hate everything to do with Edmonton, I’m secretly jealous of them and  their workouts. I can only hope that one day we get to be as cool as them. We’ll keep this between us though, because if they found out, we’d never hear the end of it. By the way, if any of you are heading up to Edmonton, please go and spy on them and try and figure out their secrets.

Props to co-leader Pete for showing up, being nice, and looking real good today.




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