Hey you.  Yeah YOU.  Reading this blog.

Were you at the workout this morning?

It was a cold Wednesday, the sun only came up for the 6:30 group, and you bet your iced-over ass that the stadium stairs were a slick and dangerous shade of death-trap.  HR Karl would have had our asses if we had authorized the running of stairs, so we went to the iced-over track next to the stadium.  Ring any bells?  If you were there, you know it because we did more than 20 minutes of grueling sprints around the track alternating with sets of jumping jacks and burpees while your partner ran around the track.

Were you there?

If you were there, you also remember “ice-wheelbarrowing” your partner across the frozen infield and competing in a giant run-and-slide contest.  Don’t know what ice-wheelbarrowing is?  You probably weren’t at the workout.  Check out the baller photos to see how much fun was had this morning.

If you were there, fuck yeah, you were there!  You fueled your body with fresh air, friendly hugs, and a fire within that almost kept your hands warm enough during endless minutes of burpees.  You also fueled this movement called November Project, just by showing up.

You matter

And if you’re realizing that you were not at the workout and geez, it might have been a good time, we want you to know this: it was a really good time.  It was a fitnessy mess of sweat and hugs.  No it didn’t include a single stair, which may be the excuse reason many gave for not showing up this morning.  But when I looked around the teeny-tiny huddle of 9 tribe members at the start of the 5:30am group this morning it sparked something important in my mind.

Everybody. Matters.


Without the 9 (and eventually 13) people who showed up for the free-est of fitness and some cozy hugs, it would have been Capozzi and me, and we would have done our own workout like BG and Bojan did in their earliest of days.  Each and every human being in the 5:30 group made it as awesome as it was.  All the “late-risers” at the 6:30 group made it fucking amazing too.   And every single one of you reading this who didn’t show up this morning…you count.  It matters when you’re not there.  You might wake up warm in your bed, a little sore from shoveling concrete-heavy snow yesterday and say, “I don’t want to go out in all the ice/cold/snow/dark…” and convince yourself to stay in bed because you believe there will always be plenty of people who show up and it doesn’t matter if you don’t go.  Well I’m telling you this.  It matters.  We notice.  We feel your absence just like you feel it.

We will always be #weatherproof.  We’ll always find the weirdest and/or funnest way to move our bodies and find motion through the cold/wind/snow/ice/dark/longing for more sleep.  We will never stop this movement of #freefitness, and the engine that keeps it going, growing, and changing the world is, well, you.  Each and every one of you.


Next workout is Friday at Summit Ave.  6:29am.  It’ll still be cold, snowy, and you’ll want to wear your layers.  Guarantee it’ll be worth getting out of bed for.


Everybody Matters
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