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Things heard at the workout today:

NPSD“I’m not a morning person.” Said at the crest of a sit-up before 7 AM.

“This is my first time, and I’ll see you next week.”

“I want it to look like I’m giving birth to Padula.”

“Ok, I’m done.” Said at the base of the stone steps right before sprinting all the way up, down the dirt path, and up the concrete stairs all the way to the grass.

This morning I was flying solo, and it’s funny because as I was lying in my warm, comfortable bed, I thought to myself, “what if… I didn’t show up. What if I fell back asleep and slept through my Snooze alarm?”

Well, Eugene said, “Get up.” Not because the tribe needed me. On the contrary, there are tribes (well, at least one tribe, Seattle), where leaders haven’t shown up, and someone stepped it up to lead. Nay, I wanted to get up and see my friends, get in a good sweat, and get my day started in the best way I know how. I needed the tribe.


I’m not a morning person. Until very recently, I never considered myself a runner. And I can’t tell you how many times during a workout, especially at November Project, I think to myself, “shit, I’m tapped out…”

NPSDBut we can’t forget that these are all limitations we put on ourselves. Just words. Because all you need to do is look over to your left, your right, in front or behind you, and you’ll always see someone ready to cheer you on, give you a high five, or even pass you to silently remind you that you’ve got a little more gas in the tank.

This morning was rad. The vibes were strong. And we successfully dispatched 150 energetic, smiling, BRIGHT human beings in the world to cheer someone on, encourage that person at work to push through the day, and spread a little more positivity into the community.

Isn’t that nice?

Be bright, San Diego. This. Shit. Is. Good.



  • Monday at Motor Boat Pond (Model Yacht Pond) in Mission Bay. 6:29 AM. Be there.
  • BUFFS – if you ordered one and haven’t picked it up. Pick it up. AND WE HAVE EXTRAS! See Eugene at a workout.
  • HOMEWORK – Smile and say hi to a stranger today. Extra credit if you buy them a coffee (thanks for the inspiration, Boman).
Eugene Says…
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One thought on “Eugene Says…

  • March 20, 2017 at 12:14 pm

    One of the best things about November Project is that whatever you put into November Project…..you get back many times! I love the way that everyone in the trip goes “all in” at each workout and comes away with so much positive energy 🙂 Thanks Eugene!


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