Wisconsin notes:

  • The Great Skate is this Sunday. Just show up
  • Badges earned
  • Radio Canada nous aime
  • Accountability and recruiting

The Great Skate is this Sunday. So far we have 185 people registered. It’s going to be huge. We need you to show up and represent November Project on the day. Why? Because more than half of the registrants have never been to November Project, and this is our chance to get them to join the cult, I mean movement. But seriously, wear your grassroots even if it’s just a T-shirt under your jacket that you can show off during the brunch. And don’t forget the hype!!! HYPE!!! Hype Everything.


Yesterday morning was a cold one. Kudos to everyone for showing up, you all earned those -31 badges. Down at NP San Diego, the leaders did something pretty cool yesterday morning. They woke up at 2am, and drove three hours up into the mountains to fill some nuun containers with snow to bring back to their workout so that they could have a massive snowball fight at the end of it. That’s dedication. Fortunately, we don’t have to wake up that early to get snow, it’s there waiting for us. I guess we can also be proud of the fact we are the only tribe working out on a frozen river. If we could drive three hours into the mountains and bucket up some summer to bring back to you, maybe we would do that.


There was a reporter there yesterday morning from Radio Canada, (french radio) Christine, who was hopefully getting better pictures than the ones I took. So keep your eyes on their website to see if they do a write up on us this week. #RadioMediaLives


We didn’t get a blog out last week, but we should make a special mention to the Positivity Award winner, Oliver Silaster. He brought us a special bounce, a recreation of a film he made earlier in the week of him crushing it on the ukelele. Oliver has been consistently showing up for a long time, and is always working hard and encouraging.

The Shabooya was handed off from Fast John to Fast Connie yesterday. She broke it down for us in her sweetest kindergarten teacher voice and it was adorable. Unfortunately by this point my camera and iPhone had died so I didn’t get any photos. But if you close your eyes and picture two awesome people, you’ll probably see them.

I wanted to talk a bit about recruiting and being accountable in this blog, but I think I will wait until next week. As a prelude to it, we want to ask all of you core members to be awesome ambassadors not just this Sunday when we have the Great Skate, but every Wednesday morning. When you see someone new there, make them feel welcome. Talk to them during the workout, make sure they know what’s going on, get to know them. And show up for the bounce. It’s more than just yelling and screaming; it’s the time where you get to meet and greet each other and see that accountability in action. Hips in, two armed, 5-second hugs and an honest ‘I’m glad you’re here’ can go a long way.

See you all Sunday morning, it’s going to be legend- wait for it-..




Don’t forget the hype (YWG)
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