Every Monday – 6:30am – rain or shine

Mondays, are called “DestinationDeck.” Here is how it works. Each Friday we are posting on November Project Tracker, the destination in which we will all meet to begin our 6:30AM workout. You will be in charge of getting yourself to the workout by running or jogging. If you live over 6 miles you qualify to take the MBTA or drive. Each Monday location will be different and announced via November Project Tracker, and you will be encouraged to use Google maps in order to find your way to the group meeting point. Don’t worry, our post will be exact – you wont get lost.

Plan your run, pace, route, and schedule before Monday morning so all you have to do is get up and go knowing that your team, tribe, family, or whatever you call November Project™, is waiting with open arms. You’ll arrive in some random parking lot, park, or clearing in the forrest where we’ll be gathering to start the deck. The “Deck Of Cards” workout will be done as a group by flipping over one card at a time from a shuffled 52. Each card has a value. All black cards are pushups and all red cards are situps. Simple. 2, 3, 4, to 10 are pretty easy to figure out. Jack 11, Queen 12, King 13, Ace 14. Super simple. Pretty hard work as the deck goes on. Intense for core, arms, and general toughness. Wonder how to get trim in the middle or how to better carve that 6-pack? This will get you there.

Just like the other two days per week, this work is designed to get you fit, be fun, get results, and get your ass out of bed.

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