1. November Project DC
The tribe here in DC continues to be strong. Fresh faces were greeted with hugs and then all paired up for some speed dating. Everyone went on a triple date this morning, switching partners about every ten minutes of stairs with push-ups and burpees by the reflection pool. Finished up with a relay race in our groups of six. Big hype for our #RecruitingPapers event this Friday (for full details see NPDC’s Facebook event) and a reminder to everyone that our Wednesday 5:30AM group has started and is going strong. This message was brought to you by Danny (sexy bearded guy) & Steve (sexy stubble guy).

2. November Project Boston
This is the PG-13 version of my original post: Its BG and I’m happy to say that its December here in Boston. Because today is the first Wednesday of the month we did the climbing classic called #FrogMan1 (formerly known as “the hiking trip”) which is a total of 50 sections of the Harvard Stadium. The cold has actually made us colder and we’ve added a time cutoff so that we can jam pack everyone into a group photo, sitting the hot and recently active next to the finished and nearly frozen. This grand finale snapshot helped to get everyone on their way. Was this unfair to the less-speedy kids in the group? Maybe a little. Will they get more sections completed in the first week of January knowing that the group photo is coming? Absolutely. Please notice that our Boston photo style will remain black and white all month as we close out 2013. In 2014 we’ll bring in the bright New Year and you’ll see an explosion of color. With this in mind, get a lot of neon/bright gear for the holiday self-giving season in order to stand out in 2014. And one last thing… I refuse to fact check with Bojan on this and I’m going to just tell you what’s on my mind: The tribe is strong.

3. November Project Madison
My name is Ted Gurman. I lead the November Project tribe here in Madison no matter what. As for today’s workout: It was rainy, not very cold, and rather dark, but we took some time to lay in the puddles and have a blast. The tribe is wet and strong. Mostly strong. Again, my name is literally Ted Gurman, and I approve the message.

4. November Project Denver
Move over Victoria’s Secret models, Denver’s got their own Angels who graced a frigid runway this morning to further sculpt their heavily layered bodies. Despite the smack of single digit temps and the anticipation of snowfall, the tribe held nothing back as they attacked a circuit workout aptly named ‘Snowballs Chance in Hell’. Since we are all angels, there were no snowballs thrown and what should have felt like hell was actually heaven. Nonetheless, we jumped our way up the stadium seats, bear-crawled down, and then ran to the center of the Amphitheater as Dan pontificated about his vision of a future that does not yet exist and how every tribe member is a purple cow. That was weird, but then we kept running, jumping, and crawling.

Thanks to NP-YEG’s winter layering tips for keeping the tribe toasty warm this morning with our toques and ample supply of baklava. This message was built 1 or more miles above sea level.

5. November Project Edmonton Newbies in -28C (-20F)!
When it gets this cold we show up with a thousand layers. By the end of the workout, hundreds of those layers are lying on the ground. Fortunately, it’s just the layers, and not the tribe that’s on the ground. Why? Because the tribe is strong! Originally, the plan today was to have everyone do a giant hug, and then all go up the stairs together. Body heat saves lives! Since the stairs aren’t wide enough to actually do that, we tried to outrun the wind instead. I’m not saying we outran it, I’m just saying that we barely noticed it. THIS Friday is Emily Murphy Hills. 6AM. The final day of this Arctic week. Layer up. Cover up. This hand-crafted note was brought to you by Nadim.

6. November Project San Francisco
Alamo Square felt different this morning, my friends. The fog rolled slowly in off the bay. The sun rose cautiously over the hills. Men and women trudged knowingly, stoic, towards the park. That same gentle earth that once nurtured camaraderie and solidarity, today lay unforgiving and cold, festering with bitterness and division. There was a palpable shift in energy. A wicked brew, two parts estrogen, two parts testosterone, fermented violently on the battle field. It stung your nostrils, made your hair stand on end and your ass cheeks clench so tight you could turn a lump of coal into a diamond. Those that laid witness knew that today, December 4th, would live in infamy. For today we held … THE BATTLE OF THE SEXES!

Actually, today was slightly more akin to a reality dating show than a battle of the sexes. Sorry ya’ll, we may have over-hyped this one, that’s on us. Incidentally, if you left your nunchuks in the park, we have them. We separated the tribe into men and women, which immediately made it clear that we have WAY more ladies than gents. What’s with that dudes? Where are you? Why is it so hard to find a nice, athletic, single guy in this city?! Oh that’s right, their all already dating Laura.

Men and women faced off with a series of different exercises and then lapped the park in opposite directions, pairing up with the first member of the opposite sex to cross their path. Pairs then returned to the center of the park for a series of cringe-worthy partner assisted drills. They came expecting a battle, they instead did squat-jump high-fives and giggled at each other. So which is the superior sex? We may never know…

THIS FRIDAY! 6:27 AM. Hills baby. Divisadero and Lombard Street. Don’t miss it! This message was brought to you by the one and only Dan Clayton.

7. November Project San Diego Dirty 30: Get down, Get low, and have a good, dirty time! Here we go…
The 1st Monday of December marked a number of 1st’s for NPSD! The 1st performance of the NPSD Dirty 30 – an ass kicking, stomach turning, sprint for your life or you’ll just be doing more burpees, good time! The 1st time the MEN outnumbered the Women… although Kev was not happy, a big shout out to the entire UCSD Crew Team for coming out! You guys rock! The 1st time we’ve met people faster than McLovin, which leads us to our MVP’s for today: Zachary and Ish… wait for it… another 1st – congrats to Ish for being our first ever puker in the short history of NPSD – You’ve officially raised the bar! We also want to welcome the other new friends who got their asses out of bed and braved the potential monsoon that was predicted for Kate Sessions Park today (instead it was sunny and 65). Hope everyone’s feeling flexible after the stretch session and we can’t wait to see everyone next week! Ya Feelin Good San Diego? Fuck Yeah! This message was pushed out of the mouth by the brain and heart of Jessica Craik of NPSD.

December From East to West by the #Powerful7
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