What’s #daddyrichtakeover? Well, it’s when Richard and his wife decide to have a second kid, and Rich promised that he would take a couple months off to be there for his wife, newborn, their giant 2 year old and the dog. However, Biology stepped in and decided that his wife get what she wanted (3 kids), so they’re welcoming TWINS into the world.. very soon! So, for the next several weeks NPYVR will have Mel G and “surprise guest leader”! Worried? We’re not. After each Wednesday of a new guest leader, we’ve asked them to write an entry for our blog and you’ll realize why we made the choices we did. Our first guest hails from NPCAN, but he has definitely made NPYVR his home…

There are times he’s a real head turner.

At work, he uses a Bunsen burner.

He’ll take off his shirt,

and kick up some dirt.

Yes, you guessed it, your guest lead is VERNER!


“A yoke had nothing to do with eggs today. Not sure I made that clear. Here is a picture of what I was talking about:


Going to November Project was never on my radar.

To be honest I actually wasn’t interested in the idea of working out with a bunch of people I didn’t know.

But after months of badgering (from two different people!?!) I succumbed to their constant torment.

I had just returned from Ann Arbor, Michigan where I had been working for a year. I had been alone in Michigan. Not necessarily without my family, but they were lonely too. We all yearned to be back among like-minded individuals (aka non-Trump supporting Canadians, lolz).

I was battling back from yet another injury (this time knocking a street sign out of the ground with my shoulder and left foot, another time for that one), and reasoned the routine would be good for my fitness schedule.

Even from day 1 I realized it wouldn’t be about the fitness. It was different. People were being their best but they also loved seeing other people’s best. They seemed to thrive off of the others success, insofar as it was also their success.

Slowly and surely I started to feel less and less like I was alone. Beyond my own family I had discovered people cared if I showed up. They encouraged me to be better. They helped me be better.

Only 6 months later I would finally land a permanent job. It wasn’t in Edmonton and meant leaving all I had discovered in my own backyard.

Without NP Canada I wouldn’t have discovered this amazing Community, this gathering of beautiful people. Without NP Vancouver, I am not sure I would be nearly as happy as I am in my new home, with my new job, but my same extended family. Pushing me to be a better person, accountable, and lighter.

To be honest, it becomes less about me every day, which is good. It becomes more and more about the we, something my wife has taught me. We all benefit when we are all strong together.

I heard someone describe NP as ‘Bootcamp’. But it’s so much more than that isn’t it? Maybe I am jaded but when I hear bootcamp I get a very specific idea.

At bootcamp people tell you your weak to make you prove yourself. But at NP I believe we tell you you’re strong and you always prove us right.

At bootcamp they tear you down to remake yourself in a new light. At NP I hope you feel as though we are building you up from day 1, why waste all the foundation you have?

Bootcamp brings visions of trudging, battling demons, but alone as a warrior. At NP I have never felt alone, even if I think I want to be, and someone is usually battling with me.

Bootcamp also brings up the vision of a dapper gentleman with chiseled abs, a strong chin, and charm for miles…….. so I guess that’s the one thing todays workout had in common with bootcamp.

That being said the idea of a yoke today was about the slack. When one partner falls behind or doesn’t feel as strong as they want to, we don’t leave them behind, we don’t punish them. We pick up the slack, we meet them halfway, we meet them ¾ of the way. We give them what they need so we both can finish strong. You guys all embodied the yoke today with the way you carried each other, worked hard, and did your best.

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank all of you for coming out and laying it all out there with me. It was really fun and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves with your extended family. We’ll do it again I am sure! 🙂

#fuck #yeah”

We want to thank Verner for his awesomely weird facial expressions, humour and wicked yoke workout! What a great way to start off #daddyrichtakeover!


Mel G

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