Brothers and Sisters,

We are gathered here today to celebrate the joy, harmony, and love of community.  Allow me to wax philosophic for a minute because, when I’m not awkwardly prolonging the bounce, that’s what I do.


Community is a word that is used a ton within our happy little NP bubble.  We talk about it all the time, we hashtag the shit out of it, but what IS this community we say we’re building?

There’s a lot of nasty shit that floats around the news these days with police and civilian violence, politicians at each other’s throats, and countries vying for one more ounce of power and control over another.  Only once in awhile do we hear that rogue story of the Good Samaritan who extends their hand, not thinking of the risk involved, to help another in need.

THAT is the community we want and are trying to build.  THAT is the community we need.  A community of risk takers who aren’t afraid to talk to strangers in a world of increasing individualism.  A community is defined by its members.  So my challenge to you is this – be a risk-taker, be a person who seeks to understand before seeking to be understood, listen to understand rather than listening to reply, be a man or woman of action, not someone who opts for the warm comfort of indifference.

Once upon a time, you took a risk by getting involved with a group of people you hardly knew.  My challenge to you is that you continue to live out that risk daily, to grow your community and to build a world you’re head over heels for.  Buy coffee for the person behind you in line, look a stranger right in the eyes and smile, give an extra generous tip when you can, buy a warm meal for the man who’s always holding his “Anything Helps, God Bless” sign on your street corner.  Do SOMETHING, big or small, every damn day.  Our community needs you.


Don’t Lose That Vibe.  Don’t Fake That Funk.

Major Woody

530p happy hour run @ Gov’s Park Tavern, 7th & Logan TONIGHT!

Community Organizers (DEN)
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  • January 13, 2017 at 11:28 am

    You… with the words sir.


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