1. The Icebreaker Marathon Relay happened this Saturday. November Project tribers came, saw, conquered, and lit up the town with the light of their successes. Four of our absolute fastest and favorites swapped butt sweat by passing, not only the ankle chip, but also their pants (hence the name “Sisterhood (they were all dudes) of the Traveling Pants”). I pray that John “Owner of the Pants” Teich will separate his next load of laundry into lights, darks, delicates, and communal. In addition, the whole Graham family made an appearance, with Mama November Project (Ann Doody) and Goldie’s ice skating performance. It was artistic – about as beautiful as Tonieh’s young whippersnappers rounding the rink. There may or not have been sabotage brownies that may or may not have contained extra flax that may or may not have caused some digestive issues for enemy teams. But as they say, all’s fair in love and indoor marathon relays.
  2. Friday’s workout at Marquette’s campus was graced with attention from the university’s student newspaper and film crew… meaning November Project MKE has officially infiltrated another source of recruits and will be taking advantage of this new route. Future action may include: sharing the article on social media excessively, using it as leverage to convince Dr. Lovell, the university’s president, to finally show up to a workout, creating networking opportunities for controlling other public news outlets, and more.
  3. NP MKE’s Winter Recruitment Challenge begins in two days. That means that you should keep your eyes open for the document that will be posted right here at midnight between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Mama Smith does not want you to stay up waiting for the document because you have an early workout in the morning. Get your sleep, and if you need me to tuck you in and read you a bedtime story, I will. The recruitment invitations document will be there in the morning, and for the next two months.

Steps to the recruitment challenge are listed in this blog post, but I will outline the steps briefly below:

  1. Print out as many copies as you want of the recruitment invitations. Cut the circles out along the dotted line and write your full name on the line provided.
  2. Give the invitations to as many people as you can, and explain to them what November Project is, why you love it, and what the recruitment challenge is (and what glory you will be receiving should you win).
  3. Stay in touch with them, and if they come to a workout with your invitation (and give it to DG, Rog, or myself), you will receive one point.
  4. Over the months of February and March, your points will accumulate and the winner will be dubbed “Coolest Recruiter in Town for the Months of February and March in the Year 2017” (name may or may not be official).
  5. Should you win, you will receive new friends and a prize. Should you lose, you will receive new friends and no prize.

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Communal Pants and a Two-Month Challenge
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