530 show, post-Clover Crush
530 show, howling at the moon


  • I managed to yell so hard this morning I almost pooped.  After realizing, gratefully, that I had not soiled myself, I proceeded to lose my voice and have been whispering all day.
  • Coincidentally, some of you actually ran so hard you almost pooped.  Hopefully everyone got home with minimal damage.
  • Freddy got the Positivity Award from Erick and ran with that thing the whole. damn. time.  Those dudes are the epitome of this movement.  Get to know them and hug the shit out of them.
  • That’s 3 bullets in a row with a poop reference.  Going for the record.
  • We won our Sunrise 6k Throwdown with NP-NOLA.  If you haven’t seen it, our southern friends sent us a video where Sweet Lou explains how excited he is to buy you all (y’all) breakfast.  Beignets and chickory for everyone!

Man, I don’t know if it was the sunflower seeds and raisins I ate last night (poop reference #4), but this morning had a feel to it!  Everybody was hyped and invested in each other’s process.  High fives, fuck yeahs, and hugs flowed like (redacted poop reference) tears on an episode of the Bachelor.

PR day is about testing yourself and pushing your limits, but it also embodies the community vibe we work so hard to maintain, because we’re out there pushing ourselves together, and pushing each other to be the best version of ourselves.

That was probably one of the best PR days in recent memory because you all had each other’s backs, whether you were PR hunting, or just trying to tie a few laps together before you needed to slow down or walk.  Everyone has their own goals and their own pace.  That’s the rub.  No matter your speed, you can push and be pushed.  No matter your ability, you can be an integral cog within a wheel of this movement.

Matthew and I met a few weeks ago to discuss leader things.  One of the most important things we discussed was the culture of NP5280.  We both feel that creating ass kicking workouts is the easy part.  We also agree that you all come for the workouts, but stay for the people.  So that’s what we’re going to do.  We’re going to make it so fucking fun, warm, and fuzzy that your heart will ache just at the thought of not showing up.  All you have to do is #justshowup.

Don’t lose that vibe.  Don’t fake that funk.

Major Woody


THURSDAY: 630p @ The North Face-Cherry Creek for BYO-board game and recruiting paper night!

FRIDAY: FUBU workout with Troy, 530/615 at Benedict Fountain Park, 20th & Logan



Clover Crushers (DEN)
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