#NP_IND decided to add a little #spice this morning with a “Choose Your Own Adventure” workout. Stitch


We broke out the decks and let them dictate what exercises we did (pretty standard) and which direction to run (not standard).  Stations were set up with the rules and cards and went as follows:

Deck of cards at north landing

– if card is red do # on card  – burpees and up and around to top west side

– if card is black do # on card – leg raises and up and around to top east side

Deck of cards at top west corner

– if card is red do # on card  – push-ups and run down south stairs

– if card is black do # on card – squat jumps and lunge to east corner

Deck of cards at south landing

– if card is red do # on card  – 2 legged mountain climbers then run up south stairs and around west side to north landing

– if card is black do # on card – tricep dips then run up and around  the south stairs and around the east side to north landing

Deck of cards at top east corner

– if card is red do # on card  – plank jacks and run to north landing

– if card is black do # on card – side plank reaches (each side) and lunge to west landing

And repeat until you reach a conclusion…or the whistle blows.

If you choose to check out why the power suddenly went out and where that loud screaming noise came from, turn to page #19.

If you choose to read the notes, turn to page #34.

Page #34 – Notes:

Lots of variety to be had today, yet some people seems to get stuck in the #lungevortex going back and forth between the east and west landing.  It’s all in the cards, but if you were one of those people and you decide to hit up Vegas…might I suggest sticking to Roulette.

Patrick and Shad decided to choose their own adventures together, and it was glorious.  It did take Jaden and I a little bit to catch on they were doing all the same cards as opposed to their running next to each other for twenty minutes as GIANT coincidence.


(Lethal Weapon 7)

Page #19 – You got murdered.  Should have read the notes.

Friday’s workout will be at the NORTH stairs of the War Memorial.  A familiar spot but not a familiar workout.

Next Wednesday will be Valentine’s Day themed so wear your best Valentine’s attire (whatever that may be) and prepare to fall deeply in love with #freefitness.

Jaden – at it again with the photo magic and snapchat documentation.  Much appreciated hombre.  And congrats to Andy for winning his second race day with a negative slip of 28 seconds!!

Thanks everyone for showing up this morning and killing it as usual!! You chose wisely.

The End

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Choose Your Own Adventure (IND)
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