Happy birthday to us, NP LAX!!!!! This morning’s birthday celebration felt like the perfect culmination of everything that we are. Sweat was flying, the energy was poppin’, newbies had faces that reflected awe/terror/curiosity/joy as they got the shit hugged outta them, and the cake-eating contest was thoroughly ridiculous. We’re going into year three strong!!!!


As we grow older, we can only hope to grow better, faster, stronger, kinder, and positive-er. We hope to gain Danielle’s plank stamina, and Cortizo’s burpee skills, and Kevin’s marathon time, and everything that makes up Grace Hu as a person. We are a magical bunch of motherfuckers, and the more we can spread that magic throughout Los Angeles, the more people we have to help us grow into who we want to be, as a tribe and individually.


For myself, I want to grow to be a person who is a little better at coping with frustration and disappointment than I am right now. Breaking my foot again made me super upset, and I’d be lying if I told you guys there were no tears and no claiming I was going to wrap myself in bubble wrap and hide under the blankets forever. This morning I emerged from the car a girl weighed down by a boot and all the anguish that came with that boot. But I was infused with immense joy the moment I saw people gathering around the lifeguard stand; and after soaking in all of your hugs and howls and frosting-smeared kisses, I left walking on air. Thank you, tribe, for making me better every single time I see you. I need all of you so badly, and it seems crazy that I could’ve gone through my whole life without even knowing it.


BRING YOUR FRIENDS tomorrow night who claim that they can’t get out of bed in the morning for a life-changing experience. Let’s get wacky and celebrate 3 years of the best tribe of lunatics on earth!!!!!! And then Sunday come armed with hangover remedies and a strong desire to spread this love around. We are the Johnny Appleseeds of good vibes and strong thighs!

DO GREAT LA!!!!! Three years old never looked so fiiiiiiiine!!!!!!!!


  • WEDNESDAYS IN MARCH – Grand Park, Downtown LA
  • BETTER THAN BEDTIME – Saturday March 4th, 5:00 pm @ Pershing Square
    • Meet up, run a 5k to another location, drink all the beers with your friends
  • RECRUITING EVENT – Sunday March 5th, 10:00am @ Hollywood Farmers Market
    • We’re gonna #justshowup and tell other people to do exactly that.
    • March 19th, mile 19!
    • Sign up here.
      • Team name: November Project LAX
      • Password: dogoodLA
Cake by the Ocean (LAX)
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