The boys in the hood may always be hard, but so are the burpees and lunges, maybe harder (at least it feels that way at 6am).DSC_0196

Crew-counting-Colleen was absent today due to “work” in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, but 6:15 was the clear winner numbers-wise. But moving right along into February today means that spring is just around the corner, and spring = recruiting season at NP. There’s still hope, 5:28; keep the faith!


6:15, rollin’ deep, looking hard in their sports-franchised and pink-jacket-makeshift hoodies


On to the meat of this picture-filled blog:



We split up into teams of four. Two team members ran while two others stayed at the north platform for a handful of exercises. One of the runners went streetside and ran around the block and up the south stairs while the other completed the dual-participation figure-eight pattern by running up the north stairs, down the backside, then around the block streetside. While those two were out on their jaunts, the two exercisers who stayed home (north platform) started with 5 burpees each, lunged halfway across the platform, met in the middle for some one arm, one leg planks (aka whatever clever term Shaw dropped at the 6:15: Pointers? English Setters? Weimaraners? Rhodesian Ridgebacks? I can’t remember and, uh, my phone just broke, just right now, so I can’t text and find out either). Annnnnyyyywaaaaayyy, those two #freefitness freaks then lunged the rest of the way across and did some more burpees on the other side. They put that pattern on repeat until both of their running teammates got back. Those two sets then switched roles.


^NP power couple^



  • Big ups to Howard Monroe for winning the Positivity Award! Howard is a shining example of what NP hopes to accomplish in terms of both fitness improvement and consistency and community embrace and support. We’re proud he’s a core member of our tribe!DSC_0207
  • Speaking of necessary members, Jaden is always spoiling us with these pictures; thanks for helping out once again today!
  • Virtual birthday BOOM for Adam here once again!
  • Race Day winner will be announced next week.
  • A big way-to-go on the push-up challenge to all those (uninjured) who stuck with it! We built some cross-country-camaraderie and lent support to members right here in our own tribe; awesome example of the teamwork and togetherness we promote!
  • Friday’s workout will be at 6a at the Circle. Be there or be . . . comfortably in bed but less prepared to take on the day and the weekend . . . or be named Jason Shaw, because he’ll be auditioning to be the next host of “Billy on the Street”, which, come to think of it, might not go so well because of the name thing just mentioned. Jason, Billy; same # of letters; maybe that’s close enough.


Most important of all, have an absolutely wonderful week!



Boyz-(and Girlz)-n-the-Hood(s) (IND)
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