There are exactly one million and seventy-two reasons from the last week alone to verify why the city of Boston, and the NP Boston tribe are great.  Ok, not just great.  Fucking amazing and really cool.

We know how to throw a marathon, but more importantly people know how to show up and give everything they’ve got, from handing out water, cheering until they’ve lost their voice, rallying those who are struggling on the course, “fuck yeah”-ing until everyone believes in themselves, and giving out lots and lots of sweaty hugs and high fives.

One of the best ways to summarize how great the whole experience is, is to quote other people.  One deep thought from living marathon legend, Kathrine Switzer, and some social media gold from one of our own tribe members, Erika Anderson, who reflected on the great things we can all learn from watching the Marathon:

“To paraphrase the fearless Kathrine Switzer: if you want to restore your faith in humanity, go to a marathon. Lessons from Monday: (1) No matter how hot and thirsty you are, share your water. (2) Make your kids tell other people how awesome they are. Cowbells optional. (3) No one is too sweaty to hug. (4) High five a stranger. You will both like it. (5) Bodies come in all shapes and sizes and abilities. They are all capable of amazing things. (6) Thank a police officer. (7) Hold signs that have nothing to do with your politics. (8) People from all over the world can unite when moving toward a common goal. (9) Lose your voice cheering for someone else. (10) Watching someone accomplish their dream can be as sweet as accomplishing it yourself.”

And maybe this happens at every single big or little marathon, but what Boston does year after year, especially when the awful unexpected happens, is great.  Boston warms from the cranky, flinty abrasive New Englanders we know all year, into those who are inspired, cheerful, and willing to believe in every-freaking-body who has the courage to get themselves on the course.  We want everyone to cross the finish line.  We don’t care or judge if you’re walking, crawling, skipping, or crying along the course…we want you to keep moving forward in pursuit of that goal.

So today, let’s not argue whether Boston is better than DC or SF, or that s0-easy-to-make-fun-of SD.  Let’s just agree that Boston is great.  Let’s not shit talk our NP neighbors today, the same way we don’t shit talk the other 30,000 people making their way from Hopkinton to Boylston St.  Maybe we notice how great Boston is a little more on Marathon Monday, and this year, maybe we also keep that greatness going beyond the marathon.  Let’s make kindness, believing in other people, and hoping everyone gets to the finish line a part of every day.  Just imagine how great this whole wide world would be if we did.

#WorldTakeover #Community #TheTribeIsStrong

Wednesday in the Stadium

We crushed RelayMan this morning and it was ridiculous.  Fast, fierce, and fun.  We had partners and maybe you made a new friend!  Know anyone who wasn’t there and who would have loved it?  Know someone who needs a little more fitness, fun, and more fun in their lives?  Bring them to NP.  This community is part of what makes Boston so great so let’s share it with the whole city!IMG_3568


  1. WOahMAN 2.0 is happening on May 5, 2017.  Crazy ass early in the morning (4:30am).  Before “normal” Friday morning hills on Summit Ave.  Save the date.  Mark your calendar.  Get all your friends on board and get ready to race.  It’s a triathlon of NP_BOS, including running, a full-tour of the stadium, more running, Summit Ave hills, and burpees. Any questions? #JustShowUp
  2. NP Summit 5.0 is happening June 9-10.  The Friday, June 9 workout will be at the stadium and we want to make sure it’s the biggest, most badass party workout we’ve ever seen.  Think NP’s 3rd bday was huge?  Let’s blow this out of the water.  Recruit, inform, educate, invite, encourage, support, remind, recruit, recruit, recruit.IMG_3486


Boston is Great
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One thought on “Boston is Great

  • April 21, 2017 at 11:16 am

    I was one of those bodies moving forward to Boylston Street and I thank you for your support!


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