Sometimes you go into something with a plan, immediately realize the plan won’t work, then change the plan on the spot and hope people are cool with you. Luckily everyone was super cool and still worked their asses of so I’m eternally grateful to the tribe for that and a lot more.


One more week left at UCLA and I have to say it’s making quite a case for itself when the time comes to settle on a new home. We have at least one more place to go check out but I’m gonna go ahead and slap a solid “promising” on this one.


This is one of those posts where the news is pretty important so I’m keeping the blog part pretty short and sweet. Like, this is it.


Do great, LA


FRIDAY – 6:27 am @ Barnsdall Art Park

WEDNESDAYS IN MARCH – Grand Park, Downtown LA

BIRTHDAY WORKOUT – Friday March 3rd, 6:27 am @ Santa Monica Beach

BETTER THAN BEDTIME – Saturday March 4th, 5:00 pm @ Pershing Square

  • Meet up, run a 5k to another location, drink all the beers with your friends

RECRUITING EVENT – Sunday March 5th, TDB time @ Hollywood Farmers Market

  • We’re gonna #justshowup and tell other people to do exactly that.


Blow it Up (LAX)
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