You know what they say.. Early bird, gets the worm.. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.. & in 2016 people just say Netflix & Chill.

This morning was one of those Ninja Mornings. Black Friday sale on lifetime memberships to November Project. We wore all black, we barely spoke, & we had a Silent Bounce to the sound of silent night. We stayed mobile and moved swiftly. We covered almost all the nooks & crannies that Town Center has to offer.


At each new location we stopped at. (There were at least 5 locations?) We did a CT Fletcher Workout. Reps of 5-10-15, 15-10-5. Etc. #FatArmFridays complete.


Oh my god, becky, look at that.. weekend. #WeekendEarned. We will see y’all next Wednesday at MT Trashmore Park. Top of the Stairs. Just Show Up.

Love Red

Black Friday Pop-Up (VB)
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