It’s absolutely no secret that this has been a strange year for the most spirited tribe this side of the Iron 33 (I just made nickname up). I’ll be the first to admit we stayed in that damn parking lot for way too long and I’m really really glad we (I) finally got enough shit together to make a plan and get the hell out of there.


Enter this past weekend, where the tribe came together in a big way. We ate cake off of peoples backs on the beach. We caused a fucking SCENE running through the streets downtown LA. We stood around at a farmers market and asked Joel McCale to come to a free fitness group. Yeah dude, I recognized you under those shades.

2017-03-04_BTB-market (9 of 14)

What I’m trying to say is despite it being a “strange” year for NP LAX, it was still a strong one. You people kept showing up and kept recruiting like it was your job. You brought fire to the kinda cold-ish LA mornings and made our one or three bouts with rain some of the best workouts I’ve been a part of since joining.

2017-03-04_BTB-start (2 of 25)

A major THANK YOU to everyone who worked behind the scenes to make this happen – pacers, photographers, and mastermind consultants alike. I can’t express how much you all help in making this thing thrive. And baby, we’re on our way to some big things here in the city of ANGELES.

2017-03-04_BTB-start (23 of 25)


Better Than Bedtime – NP Magic Lives (LAX)
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