IMG_6491Anyone remember your first day at NP?

You do?

Yeah, of course you do, because we all do.  It’s kind of a big deal.  You might not remember the exact date, but we remember showing up…approaching the group thinking “what the heck is this?” or “what am I doing?” or “I don’t know anyone!” or even “OMG this is amazing!” And whether you were overwhelmed by the whole experience or you loved every second of it, since you’re reading this, you probably came back.  Something compelled you to come back–maybe you’d never done such a hard workout, or you realized how good hugs from strangers before 7am feel, or you just liked the vibe.  Maybe someone asked your name and told you they were glad you were there.  It’s possible you met someone or just saw someone from afar and you told yourself you’d go back to see them again.  Did the friend who brought you just keep expecting you to go?  Or you floated on the high of adrenaline, sweat and “fuck yeahs” throughout your whole day and realized this was a drug you wanted another hit of, and soon.

Two important things stand out about that experience for me.  First, how the tribe responds to you, or welcomes you, or sees you when you’re new, very likely influences how you feel about coming back.  Second, remember how amazing it felt to have all this be NEW, even if you were poopin-your-pants scared?

There was a whole group of Newbies today who had that exact experience.  (There are every single week!) They showed up mostly not knowing what to expect and a little uncertain about the whole thing.  They bounced, they hugged, they got a little uncomfortable, they jumped into the Newbie meeting and then they became stair-climbing badass fuckers with the rest of the tribe.

I keep thinking about the Newbies, because I meet them every single week.  The Chrises and I talk about them too–is their experience at any random workout a healthy balance of fun, hard as fuck, playful, empowering, weird, and connecting?  I think whether they feel those things or not has something to do with the actual workout, but more to do with the tribe.  So,  as spring approaches, there will always be more new faces and willing fitness enthusiasts during the warmer weather (even though we are always #weatherproof).  Which means that now is a good time to remember these things:

1. YOU are the tribe, and how you bring Newbies in can make all the difference in the world for them.

2. Even if you’re an OG, be NEW.  No matter how long you’ve been coming, you always have the option to meet new people, to really dial in to the wonder and fun, the weirdness and awkwardness, and the new connections that come with getting out of your comfort zone.

3. See the Newbie in everyone.  Anyone you meet not at NP could be the next newest member of the tribe and who doesn’t need some #freefitness in their lives?  That’s what I thought.

We’re focused on growing this tribe–building up everyone who’s already showing up–and also growing the size of the community by adding to the number of badass human beings in it.  Let’s keep being new. Ready? Set? Go!


We ran Frogman1 (50 sections) in the stadium and a cool thing happened.  Leah Eickhoff set a new record for the workout.  Idli Gaal set the previous fastest time f    ongrats Frogwoman1.  If you also ran Frogman1 and want to record your time, put it in the tracker.

See you Friday at the hills.



Be New
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