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  • Wednesday was another tough workout, that involved a little more running than usual. But still plenty of burpees. We were planning to call it the Sixer (6 minutes, in the 6ix), but then we decided that it weas better with a seven minute time limit so now we don’t have a name.
  • Important announcements that you should actually read at the bottom of this post.
  • Pseudo-inspiring words in the middle of this post that you should also actually read.


Sometimes you have this Bounce that you’ve been waiting to do for a couple of weeks that even though you took it straight from an advertising poster for a coffee shop, you think the underlying message is excellent, but then you start shouting and suddenly what you’re trying to shout just ties your tongue in knots. I’m going to say that it happens to the best of us, but I’m not 100% sure that that is true. I’ve led this Bounce before and that didn’t happen.

Regardless, the actual message (imagine it yelled out in an English accent on a dark Wednesday morning) – “BE BRAVE, BE BETTER, BE BRILLIANT” is something that resonates with me. I think that it is especially applicable to November Project. Showing up to that first workout takes a certain degree of madness yes, but also bravery. It can be intimidating, especially in the cold and dark of the morning, going up to a group of strangers without fully comprehending what you’re getting yourself into, who all these people hugging you are, and why the hell we’re standing in a huddle jumping and shouting. I imagine that if I joined a cult, it would go something like that. So yeah, I whilst I have a lot of respect for everyone who does #justshowup, it’s particularly high for those showing up for the first time.

Be better – generally speaking, that’s one of the reasons that each of us works out, right? And I’m not specifically talking about workouts with NP. Maybe there’s a particular fitness goal that you’re working towards, maybe you’re less competitive in that respect but workout to better your health, be that mental or physical. Maybe you find that early morning workouts make your more alert and productive at work (I find this to be true right up until the moment that I crash and almost fall asleep at my desk). Whatever the ultimate goal, there is an element of betterment inherent in pushing oneself to complete challenging workouts.

And by doing this, we can inject a little bit of brilliance in our lives, and those around us. We talk about positivity a lot, and we mean it. The more hugs, high-fives, encouraging and cheering there is at a workout, the more positive an experience it can be. And if you can take that away with you after the workout and share some of it throughout the day, then that’s brilliant. You’re brilliant.


And on that note, I’m going to get down from my soapbox and find something to eat. Preaching is hungry work. Have a great weekend, Toronto!



  • The buffs have been shipped and will be at a workout soon. We have a list of who ordered them (you will definitely get as many as you ordered), as well as an exceptionally small number of extras which will be available on a first come, first served basis to those who didn’t order any. We will not be announcing when the buffs arrive: you have to #justshowup to get it. Likewise, they will only be available for collection on a Wednesday morning. Let us know if you have any questions!
  • Next Wednesday is Michelle’s onesie workout. I am as in the dark about this as everyone else, but I am excited. Also a little worried, as Michelle has pointedly told me that she is bringing a onesie for me.
  • I have already put the battery in my camera, after forgetting it last Wednesday. Photos from a real camera will resume next week.
Be Brave, Be Better…Prepared (YYZ)
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