Today continued our exploration of Grand Park in lovely downtown LA, and it may have been my favorite part of the park. Seriously the park is huge, and I’m excited to have two more weeks there. Shout out to 5:30 crew who have been showing up in numbers lately ready to crush it before the sun comes up, and then the crazy few who stick around for a double session.DSC_0034

 This morning we got down with a deck of cards at the upper level of the park. Pick up a card and do that many push-ups, then depending on the suit you had to run to a corner of the park. Heart hoistees, diamond leg throws, planking in the club, or twisting spades in Russia. What about aces though? Call someone out to race, but before running away from them you dropped and did 14 partner push-ups because we can never get enough of working together.


Speaking of push ups, does anyone else occasionally “lose form” just to have Maggie come over and shout “YES!!” while she corrects you? No, just me? Cool. I absolutely loved seeing people waiting in line for the courthouse that were smiling from the tribe’s energy today! You are all incredible, and there is no better start to my day than when it begins with you.


Do Great, LA!


  • Wednesdays in March @ Grand Park, 5:27 and/or 6:27 am.
  • Friday meeting at the top of Baldwin Hills stairs, 5:27 and/or 6:27 am.
  • March 16th. 6 PM. ON Art Run. Event info here.
    • March 19th, mile 19!
    • Sign up here.
      • Team name: November Project LAX
      • Password: dogoodLA
  • MARCH HOMEWORK – Bring back the written verbal! Text a friend, facebook message them, e-mail, just put the verbal in writing!
Aces are for Races (LAX)
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