Over the past 3.5 years I have heard numerous stories from people about how November Project has changed their life.   Maybe they were an unhealthy weight, or smoking packs of cigarettes, feeling lost in a city without a good group of friends, depressed, no support system for tough times, or uncomfortable with exercise, in a toxic relationship, or just believed they couldn’t ever be a runner.  November Project has changed peoples’ lives dramatically across the world.  These stories have touched my heart, have caused me to shed many tears, and have been a huge catalyst to WHY I love to lead NPSD.


Today I will share MY story regarding November Project.  Unlike many people, the changes I have experienced through this movement are neither physical nor social. The impact it has had on me is more internal, on how I now view life, people (both friends and strangers), and how every action I make has an impact and a ripple effect.


Rewind.  I have always been a runner.  From about age 7 I would ride my bike next to my dad as he did his daily run.  When I was old enough I started running next to him.  Soon after that I started running at school.  At age 12 I started running Varsity track and cross country.  I continued to run all through college.  I have completed 30 seasons of competitive running.  I moved to SD 8 years ago and immediately joined SD track club and a triathlon team and continued on with running.   Running may single handedly have been the thing that has driven most of my decisions in life up to this point.  It determined my group of friends in HS, college and in SD, my career path, where I went to college, where I moved after college (SD), what I do in my free time, and even what time I go to bed!  It also lead me to November Project.


I have always been loud, social, outgoing, weird, and surrounded myself with lots of friends.  Luckily, I have always been happy with my body, confident, motivated and goal oriented.  All of these things I am very grateful for.  All of these things made November Project suitable for me.

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I first heard of November Project from my best friend, college roommate, fellow Northeastern trackie, Laura McCloskey.  She is the Leader of NPSF, the 4th tribe to come on.  She encouraged me to start NPSD.  I also went to college with Brogan and Bojan, so it was a good fit.  But I wasn’t sold.  I was already busy with work, life, a boyfriend and the teams I had already joined.  Soon after, Lauren Padula was set on giving it a go and due to FOMO I jumped on board, along with Jessie Craik.  The three of us went to Northeast together and met through our physical therapy program.  We soon became the first all-female lead tribe.  I honestly didn’t have any idea what I was getting into.  I didn’t understand what November Project really was.  But, it was similar to a track team so I enjoyed it enough.


I have shared some roller coaster of times with NPSD.  It wasn’t until I reached the highest point in my life directly running into the lowest point in my life that I really understood the magnitude of what NP had to offer.  Six months after NPSD was born, I got married, 3 weeks later I had to leave SD and my new husband to take care of my mother in NY who was suffering from brain cancer, 1 month later I lost my mother.  That month was the hardest month of my life.


November Project was there every step of the way, supporting me in every way imaginable.  The morning after my mother became an angel, every tribe across #worldtakeover and every person at those workouts wore gray.  They wore it for my mother, my family, for me.  They wore it because cancer sucks and breaks up families.  But with the strength and love from a worldwide tribe I was able to see a glimpse of the ability to rebuild.   Every blog was dedicated to my family and me.  As my father sat with me and read them, tears in his eyes, that was the moment I realized the words November Project and Family had become blurred.  From then on I was hooked.


I love November Project.  I love that is allows me to explore.  I love the vibe it creates at 629am at the bounce.  I love that I have people in my life that are so different from me, that I probably would not have met otherwise (Tom Dorio).  I love that it is a place for my whole family to come to and enjoy.  I love that I can act as crazy as I want to.  I love that no matter how bad my week is going all that shit melts away in that first hug. I love that I help people achieve their goals.  I love that I get to be creative.  I love to see the ripples of what we have created; new love, marathons completed, friendships, cheer stations formed, other workout groups created.  I love how good it makes me feel; physically, emotionally and mentally.  I love that I get to dress up like a clown. I love that not only do I fit in, but everyone fits in.  I love that I get to RUN!


November project has changed me.  I have learned to look outside the box, and to be less self-centered.  I am more patient with others that think differently than me, and in situations I disagree with.  I have learned to not take things so seriously, and to enjoy more.  It has taught me to be more comfortable with my own voice.  I now appreciate real human connection.  I know I have so much more room to grow, and I know November Project will continue in aiding to do just that.

November Project is much more than a workout group.  It is a catalyst to make the world a better place.  World take over is real.  This. Shit. Is. Good.  This is not a cult.

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Be Happy.  Be strong.  Be Bright SD!  (I can still remember the day I made that up:) who knew it’d be so catchy!)


Your fearless leader

Ashleigh Voychick


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  1. Please step up the recruiting challenge!  We nailed down some legit Northface jackets for the winners!  Spread the love and make an effort to earn #worldtakeover!
  2.  STOP being your shat to NP- we do not babysit jackets, keys, wallets, phones or expensive bikes!
  3. Mondays in February are at 629am Hill st at Sunset Cliffs.
  4. Wednesdays are always at Balboa Park 629am
A Short Story. My Story.
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3 thoughts on “A Short Story. My Story.

  • February 15, 2017 at 6:46 pm

    ” I love that not only do I fit in, but everyone fits in. ” – Ashleigh
    Your infectious smile draws people in! Thanks for making this community a place for everyone, Ashleigh! I just… have something… in my eye — no… I’m not crying! 😉

  • February 16, 2017 at 6:39 pm

    Thanks for sharing your joys and pains. Thanks for giving us, your tribe sooooooOOooOOOOoo much!!! Thanks for picking SD!!!!!!

  • February 23, 2017 at 3:48 pm

    Thanks for bringing positive, goofy and high energy fun to every workout! Keep it all up, we love being surprised every morny by your creative fun brain!


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