If you didn’t show up this morning, you missed out. Period. Ashleigh, Angelo, and I woke up at 2 AM and went on an adventure to make today extra special… by way of a snowball fight… in Balboa Park… in San Diego. #adultrecessNPSD

And we also took today’s festivities as an opportunity to talk about something bigger than our one city – the world takeover that is November Project.

Over the next month, as we push this recruiting effort (more details at the end of this blog), Ashleigh, Angelo, and I will be taking turns telling our November Project stories. But today, the story starts with the larger movement. And as I’m neither BG nor Bojan, bear with me as I try to tell this story from the perspective of a second-hand consumer.

It started with two building-sized human beings who were D1 collegiate rowers. If you’ve never been a rower, let me just say these are competitive mother-fu… dudes.

NPSDPost-college, they were starving for that edge again… morning attitudes were getting groggy and mid-sections were getting soggy. So it started with one month, November. Meet every morning, rain, snow, or shine, and bust ass. It was an attempt to get back into fierce, competition shape, and it was a marriage of accountability and weatherproofness that made this more than just a normal day’s workout.

But the sea-change really started with recruiting. As the two giants continued their challenge, the challenge opened up to the world – social media, word-of-mouth, approaching strangers on the street and pulling verbals.

My favorite recruiting story to this day was told by BG (I’m going to botch this) – riding his bike on the Mass Ave bridge in Boston, he approached a fierce looking runner, earphones in, eyes forward… to whom he looked over and said, “you wanna get your ass kicked?” “What?” “‘Show up to Harvard Stadium tomorrow.” And he did. This “he” is none other than Jake Otto, brother to NP LAX co-leader Ben Otto, and now co-leader in NP London (yeah, the one in England, UK, EU).

As individuals, as groups, in droves, they showed up. Have you ever seen 1400 people show up to a workout in Harvard Stadium? As they say, the rest is history.

This thing had grown from two teammates, training partners, friends driving each other, encouraging each other, to a grassroots movement built on a foundation of accountability, positivity, and community.

Today, November Project spans 33 cities across 7 countries on 3 continents. 33 cities started by and driven by individuals who believe in the strength of accountability and camaraderie and injecting positivity and love into their communities. And as we all experience every week, it’s more than a workout – it’s about building each other up. It’s all about rediscovering a love for your city, your playground. And it’s all about just showing up – showing up to the workout and in life, yours and each other’s.

(When you have 30 minutes, watch the full-length short of “Just Showing Up.” Have tissues on hand.)


Those of you who show up week over week know the impact this movement has. We’ve heard the stories, we’ve seen the community grow around us. It’s bigger than any one, three, or hundred individuals.

So, down to business – we embark on another month of recruiting. Do the number of people at the workout matter? No. But what matters is number of lives we touch.

For the month of February, bring your friends, your family, your roommate, your local barista, your dog’s walker, your baby’s sitter. Here are the logistics:

  • Newcomers will be counted every Monday and Wednesday during the month of February.
  • Newcomers will sign a waiver where they will list their recruiter’s name.
  • The top 3 recruiters at the end of the month will receive a prize – maybe it’s sweet swag, or maybe it’s a handshake from Fu-Pang. Either way, it’s something that will make you the envy of the town.

Let’s make this a big month.
Let’s hug more strangers, make more friends, say “I love you” more.
Let’s show people what we’re about and tell this global story from the lens of our beloved NPSD.

Let’s start next Monday at Hill Street in OB at 6:29 AM. You got it – just show up.

Be bright, San Diego.

A one-city story turned into a movement.
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2 thoughts on “A one-city story turned into a movement.

  • February 2, 2017 at 1:02 am

    This. Blog. Period! ????

  • February 2, 2017 at 6:15 pm

    Holy cow!!?!?!? Did they have 1400 people at one workout?!?!?! One of these days….I am looking forward to the day we fill all 3 sections of the stairs of the Natural History Museum!! I will do my part! Talking to randoms in elevator, walking, coffee shops…especially if I see a Tough Mudder/Spartan shirt etc….thanks to our kickass Leaders for all you do. You literally brought us SNOW!!! Dang, who does that?!?!?!?


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