It’s time I talked to you a little about my big, goofy, gorgeous American friend (no, not Donald Trump): Jake.


Jake is an inspiring guy. He has inspired me so many times that I’ve lost count. And the reason he is inspiring is clear: he is super passionate about what he believes in and he is true to himself.


I think the phrase “being true to yourself” has become so hippy-fied that it’s lost credibility. Well, it’s time to make it credible again, using Jake as the vehicle (I often use Jake as a vehicle; I climb on his back sometimes and we go walking on the beach together……did I say Jake? I meant my pet donkey, anyway…).


What does being true to Jake actually mean? Jake exudes passion for a number of things, but the runaway number one thing is fitness, and specifically free fitness. This passion effortlessly permeates our NP LDN tribe every Wednesday. But, it doesn’t stop at Wednesday mornings for Jake. Jake lives this 24/7 (I’m more 18/6, because I like to sleep and even God had a rest on one day..). Jake is constantly thinking of ways to inspire others through fitness; constantly thinking of ways to build our community; constantly thinking about ridiculous things to try at workouts. That’s why people love Jake – you cannot fake this level of passion. It’s palpable when you’re around him, its unmistakably real, and it inspires people.


I think everyone can learn a lot from Jake about how to approach life. Focus intensely on what you believe to be true, what you are passionate about, and purse those things relentlessly.


It’s a pleasure to call him one of my best friends, and it’s a pleasure to climb on his back like a donkey.


Lots of love and kisses and hugs and stuff,


A love note from Tom to Jake
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