Today’s blog post brought to you by Jutta (SEE PHOTO ABOVE), this weeks winner of the positivity award. Jutta began with NP BAL with the OG crew. She raced in #bmore_Bmore and was a force of positivity and recruitment the whole time.  Now that she’s back in Baltimore, she’s been to all the workouts and brings her A game attitude with her. We are happy she’s here, you are sure happy she’s here. If you haven’t met her yet, take the time to get to know Jutta. You can find her by #justshowingup early, she’ll be the smiley face waiting for the tribe to arrive hugging and chatting with everyone. Here is Jutta’s NP_BAL story:


I remember when NP BAL started back in 2013, when it was just a handful of people meeting at Rash Field on Wednesday mornings at 6.30am. When we would go on random (weirdly themed) runs along the waterfront on weekends, handing out printed flyers, asking people to join or to #justshowup on Wednesdays (#fuckyeah) – in fact, I still have that flyer pinned to my fridge in Germany (that’s right, I kept one for myself). When we would try to convince random passers-by and people doing their solo morning workouts to join us. I remember that the NP tribe grew, gradually at first, and then more rapidly. The tribe is strong, and it’s hard to resist the smiles, to not feel awesome and giddy after adult recess workouts and epic rock-paper-scissors battles. Or really just a bunch of burpees and hill sprints. Even if you’re not a morning person. Even if you are not into sweaty hugs and yelling before sunrise.

The day I moved back to Germany was bittersweet, but thankfully Facebook and intermittent visits to Bmore helped me to stay in touch with the tribe. It took a few years for me to work out my return, and now here I am, I can literally have the best of both worlds, part-time Baltimore, part-time Germany. On my second day back (a Wednesday) I went to NP, of course, and was amazed and excited to see how much the tribe has grown. And yet it felt like I had never really left.


Now, before I get all teary-eyed over here, let me say this: NP is great. You should try it if you haven’t yet. Chances are it won’t be a one-time thing for you! Don’t be intimidated, it’s a welcoming and supportive community, for all fitness levels, for everyone. And their dogs!

And now go ahead and search for these old photos on Facebook of NP BAL back in the days … You know you want to! =)


Editor’s note: actually I did it for you #bmore_Bmore circa May 2014. Photo by none other than Giovanni!


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