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The 5th Annual November Project Summit, the weekend-long party/race/training/homecoming event that wraps in all of the tribes from around the planet into one city, will take place in Boston, MA on the weekend of June 9th-11th around the newly added The North Face Endurance Challenge Massachusetts trail race. Use the code NPINDV25 for a 25% discount on your individual entry. At this point, our main NP event of the weekend, the Marathon Relay, is sold out, giving us room to tackle new distances for those of you who are ready OR join the family mob high above the start/finish line at the first ever Summit Cheer Station (details below in Saturday). If you’re new to this event, you’ll see that there are racing events from 5K all the way up to 50K and we encourage you to sign up for whichever one fits your liking.

Before you check out the day-by-day plans, consider looking into the available housing, the racers, the open spaces on teams, and even details on when people are flying into Boston, right here on this Google Doc that everyone can add to.

Now, the weekend will unfold like this:

Thursday PM: Arrival in Boston. Find a place to sleep. All Co-Leaders will be staying in Boston.

Friday 6:29 AM: The iconic Wednesday Harvard Stadium workout. WHAT, Stadium on Friday? Yes, the leaders of NP_BOS have graciously swapped the workout days so that everyone can see what all the stadium hype is about. Plan to come to DO the workout, knowing that you and most of your tribe will be racing the next day.

Friday Day: See the city. Get creative. Rent a Hubway pass for the day, shop Newbury Street for some new gear to race in, get on a duck tour… Boston in the Summer is pretty magical so take it for all that she has to offer. For new Co-Leaders reading this, plan to be held captive with the other Co-Leaders for a day of fun & games.

Saturday AM: The NP Summit Cheer Station will officially be taking place on top of the mountain at the ~3 Mile-to-go aid station. Bring cow bells, drums, a packed lunch, & whatever else. FREE chairlift access will be running all day, a majority of our Co-Leaders will be up there waiting to support the racers as they come through. The races that remain open are: 50 mile. 50k. Marathon. If you join us at the Summit Cheer Station, consider costumes, snacks, sunscreen, and outdoor gear for the day.

Saturday PM: Giant NP party/gathering that, like last year, will be okay. Maybe, better than okay? It’ll be pretty good. We’ll leave it at that. Location & Time TBD. More soon.

Sunday AM: Half-marathon. 10k. 5k. Racing. Cheering. More Dean Karnazes.

Sunday PM: Limp home with a dozen new Instagram followers, hundreds of new friends, and thousands of smiles logged.

#NPSUMMIT Location & Details (Boston – June 9-11)
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