Sunday, November 6, 2016.  50,000 runners will be headed from Staten Island to Central Park on at 26.2 mile, 5 borough encompassing tour of New York City.  That’s right, the New York City Marathon is less than 10 days away and they hype of this city is building.  And with that hype, we are buliding up a monumental week of #HYPE, of #FREEFITNESS, and a TOTAL CITY TAKEOVER that will lead to #WORLDTAKEOVER.

MONDAY: 6:28am, CAT HILL.  Thats right, we are not meeting at a Bridge? Why you ask? Well 120+ people will get to run down Cat Hill on Sunday, so we wanted to give people a chance to run UP it as well.  Because we all know that going up is so much more fun than going down.

TUESDAY: Mountain Athletics:  6:30PM at Columbus Circle.  Our friends over at The North Face have a #FREE weekly workout  Mountain Athletics.  Trainers will take you through a session of either strength, agility, or work capacity and send you on your way to hit the sack, set your alarm and get some sleep before tomorrow morning.

WEDNESDAY: 5:28/6:28 a.m. #PRDay. For those running, you can jog a few laps with some of the most amazing people or just cheer the like you want to hear on Sunday from the Cheer Station.  All that needs to be done, is log in to the TRACKER and heat to Strava for the race page we have created for 5:28 and 6:28.


THURSDAY: Mountain Athletics: PART II.  Our friends are bringing you another hard hitting workout, same time, different location.  Meet at 6:30 p.m. at the

FRIDAY A.M.: Bethesda Fountain, 6:25 a.m.  Moving up the start time, so be there ON TIME.  What does that mean? 6:25 a.m.  Six twenty-five a.m.  Marathon swagg will be sold at this workout as well. For more info, head to the #MILE10 Party Page.


FRIDAY P.M.: November Project Speaker Series Brogan and Bojan are going to speak in public and its going to be hilarious.  We will be running from the LES over the Williamsburg Bridge to the House of Vans.  At the venue, these two dudes will yap and then we will drink beers.  So come out, run with us and watch these two goofballs put 500 people to sleep in less than 20 minutes.  Oh and they are going to premiere the Dooster film you keep hearing about that stars Chris Mosier.  And 7 others.  But lets be honest, we only want to see Chris.

SATURDAY: Rest, Recover, run the Dash to the Finish if you are Myles, but get some rest.  Tomorrow, be like woah.

SUNDAY A.M.:   In 2014 we had a great showing of 70+ people out for #Mile14.  Last year we had over 80 people out for #Mile7.  This year, well of course its seems we would hit the same number.  WRONG! For 2016 and #Mile10 we have 160 volunteers signed up! That is one of the largest single groups for the entire marathon.  NBD.  Big HUGE thanks to Emily and Leanne for coming back and leading the charge this year.


SUNDAY P.M.: The part that everyone has been waiting for.  THE AFTER PARTY…..

The afterparty for the NYC Marathon will be at the brand new, The North Face store on 43rd & 5th Ave.  It is a brand new flagship store, with over 25,000 square feet of space.  Buggy will be playing all night, beers from our friends at Coney Island Brewery, Zico Coconut Water, Fields Good Chicken, Munk Pack, and some free shit that will be given away.  Marathoners, Volunteers, Cheer Station, family, everyone is invited so come out and party with us! Time 6:30pm-9pm. More info and event link coming later this week, but mark your calendars today.  After-After Party you ask? That is at 6:28 a.m. Monday Morning…..

MONDAY A.M.: On Monday we will have a “workout.” But this workout won’t be like any other that we have ever had before.  On Monday Morning at 6:28 a.m., we will be meeting at the HUB on 5th Ave. This is a brand new space that our friends at lululemon opened up to us for a special Monday Post-Marathon Yoga Session.  YUP.  You heard it hear first. The monday after the marathon we will be holding a #FREE November Project NYC Yoga session.  Only thing you need to do is bring a mat and a mind open to get your flow on.  Minor details to follow, but you get the idea.

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